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Tired of struggling to find a way of securing your tractor for transport? Look no more. These front tie down loops are the strongest brackets you will find anywhere and have a large 3 1/4" opening to accommodate all of your securing needs. Laser cut from 3/8" A36 steel, formed on a CNC press brake and finished in matte black using our 5 step powder coating process. Can be used with or without the factory grill guard. Replacement grade 8.8 bolts are supplied (longer than stock).


Sold in pairs.


Torque the new bolts to 100 ft/lbs when installing and assure they protrude through the welded nut on the backside.


Compatible with the following models:

LA513 Loader - L3130 L3430

LA524 - L3200 L3800

LA525 - L2501 L3301 L3901

LA526 - L2501 L3301 L3901 L2502 L3302 L3902

LA555 - L3560

LA723 Loader - L3130 L3430 L3830

LA724 - L3240 L3540 L3940 L4240 L4740 L5040 L5240 L5740

LA765 - L4701

LA766 - L4802

LA805 - L3560 L4060

LA844 - MX5100

LA853 Loader - L4330 L4630 L5030

LA1055 - L4760 L5060 L5460 L6060

LA1065 - MX4800 MX5200 MX5400 MX5800 MX6000

LB702 - MX5000

Kubota L & MX Series Front Tie Down Loops


Spend $600 on 2 or more items and save 10% !