LED light bar kit. Includes everything needed to get light where you need it - up high. This kit mounts to the lower half of the ROPS which allows you to have lighting up high while the ROPS is folded down. This will have enough clearance for the tractor to pull into a standard height garage. This does not interfere with the ROPS in the up position; functional in each position. There is also a mounting hole on each side for additional lights if desired and a few holes for securing cable ties for neat wiring.


Purchasing the mount without the light bar & harness is an option as well.


Shown on an L2501, but should fit any model with 2"x3" ROPS bars that have 35 1/2" to 36 1/2 inside dimensions between the ROPS.


I found the best wiring method for this kit is to wire the positive side into the switched side of the ignition. If desired, it could be wired directly to the battery, depending on the location. The harness length is just over 8 feet.

Kubota ROPS Mounted light bar