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Kioti DK10 Series Grill Guard


Compatible with the following models:

DK4210 DK4510 DK4710 DK5010 DK5310 DK5510 DK6010, DKXX20 series and CK10/20 series that have 6 Bolts attaching the factory brush guard to the tractor's frame.



Please assure that your factory guard is the same as the one shown in the photos. This one uses 6 large bolts to attach the factory guard to the tractor's frame. If yours has 4 bolts, it is a different design and it will not fit.


Laser cut from 1/8" steel and powder coated in Kioti orange or Textured Black including a 5-step process with primer for long life and corrosion resistance. Hardware is included. This guard folds with the factory guard. Replace the factory pivot bolts with the provided bolts. Washers are included that go between the upper and lower guards.



To install, start by removing the 2 large upper bolts that hold the factory guard to the frame of the tractor. Then place the upper guard on the factory frame and insert the provided pivot bolts through the factory guard and just through the 511 upper guard along with 1 or 2 washers on the inside. Hold the upper guard in place on the top with spring clamps. Install the lower guard by lining up the holes with the pivot bolts. Push the pivot bolts through the lower guard and snug the nuts down enough so there is little to no gap between the components. Assure that the nuts are loose enough that the guard will still fold easily. Replace the large upper bolts through the lower 511 guard and factory guard. Then mark the upper mounting points and drill using a 3/8" drill bit and install the supplied bolts.


**NOTE** The factory guard (frame) shown in the photos is for reference only to demonstrate fit and not included.

Kioti DK10 & CK with 6 bolts Grill Guard


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