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Protect you loader's hydraulic lines from damage with our full coverage hydraulic line guard. The standard plastic cover found on some of these machines do little to prevent damage to your hard lines.


Our guard is 1/8" CNC laser cut and formed and powder coated using our 5 step process including primer.


An option is available for a 3rd function couplers which keeps the connections inline with the guard and protected from items pushing up from below. If your 3rd function hoses currently have 1/4" NPT or 1/2" NPT ends that go into 1/4" NPT or 1/2" NPT couplers, you can mount your lines securely by adding the appropriate size from the optional selections above. Refer to the last photo above to see if your current configuration would work with the bulkhead option.


Mounting instructions:

1) Mount the hydraulic line cover to the cross tube of the loader using the supplied U-bolts and nuts. Center the guard both side to side, and over the steel hydraulic lines.  If your model currently has a plastic cover over the lines, it can remain in place with the 511 guard.

2) Tighten each of the 4 provided nuts. Proceed to step 2 if you are installing the 3rd function hose mount. Otherwise, installation is complete.

3) If you are using the 3rd function line mount, place the bracket over the top of the hydraulic line guard and then install the nuts on the U-bolts, followed by the rubber caps.

4) Loosely install the bulkheads to the mount; the side with the female pipe thread should be toward the side of the loader where your 3rd function hoses are.

5) Remove the couplers from the hydraulic hoses and apply thread sealant to the threads on the hoses.

6) Thread the bulkheads onto the hoses and tighten

7) Tighten the locknut on the bulkhead securing it to the mount.

8) Apply thread sealant to the provided JIC/NPT fittings on the NPT threaded side.

9) Install the JIC/NPT fittings into the couplers removed during step 5 and tighten.

10) Install the JIC/NPT fitting & coupler onto the bulkead.


Installation is complete. If the direction of your attachment is operating in the opposite direction than desired, simply swap the fittings installed during step 10 the opposite bulkheads.


Fits the following models/loaders:

1023E 1025R 2025R with 120R or H120 loaders.

John Deere 120R H120 Hydraulic Line Guard


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