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Protect you loader's hydraulic lines from damage with our full coverage hydraulic line guard. The standard factory guard is thin and only protects your lines from above leaving more than half of that area exposed. Lowering your loader over piles of debris can cause serious damage to your hydraulic lines.


Our guard is 1/8" steel which is 75% thicker than the factory guard. In addition, it wraps all the way around from the top of the cross tube to the bottom.



If you don't utilize the holes on the top of the factory line guard, we offer an option without the holes. You can find that here:



Fits the following models/loaders:

L3560, L4060, L4760, L5060, L5460 & L6060

LA805 loader

LA1055 loader

Hydraulic Line Guard LA805 & LA1055


Spend $600 on 2 or more items and save 10% !

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