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What Our Customers

Are Saying

"After a near miss with a stick going through the grill on my new Kubota (only penetrated the grill nothing else damaged), I contacted Justin for one of his grill guards. From initial contact to delivery to my house was six days. Fit and finish is true American craftsmanship at an extremely reasonable price. This investment will undoubtedly protect the front end on my new L3901 from further damage. I highly recommend 5Eleven DesignZ, LLC for anyone working their tractor in the woods and for anyone doing grapple work. Outstanding product and service."

"Just finished installing and super stoked. Looks awesome, made well and the color match is perfect. Love the finished look and the button head bolts are the best. Nice quality product. Fast shipping and packaged well."

"Great quality product. Fast shipping. And most of all, awesome service! 10/10"

"I bought and installed the guard for my 1025R a couple weeks ago and wanted to give it some good use before writing a review. I live on 10 acres and pruned the lower limbs from over 30 trees and this thing stopped branches from going through the factory "mesh" covering the air intake. I also did a job of trenching with a stump bucket then backfilling after burying about 400' of sprinkler lines. It successfully saved me from several large rocks. Overall the product is awesome and the customer service was even better. I accidentally used my old address for the order (completely my fault) and the owner helped recover the one I had shipped to the wrong address and shipped me another one while he was waiting to get his back so I wouldn't need to wait. I repeatedly offered to pay for the extra shipping and extra time it was taking to handle the problem I caused but he wouldn't take it.

I hope they make more cool stuff for the 1025R because I'd like to shop here again."

Top shelf quality product, made with premium materials, finished properly so it will last, I'm excited to have it on my machine to prevent further damage to my grill, I may even replace it now that it's protected!



"Ordered Friday, shipped Friday, received Tuesday, installed Wednesday. Doesn’t get any better than that—quality workmanship Justin, and truly made in the USA. Somewhere over in China there’s a chicken wire plant manager wondering why his orders are down, since I’m not using that anymore when I’m running my grapple."

"I want to thank you for your amazingly quick service. I ordered this on Sunday morning, April 11th and it was delivered that Tuesday. The grill was easy to install and looks great. It's just what I was looking for. It's a terrific product"

"Just got finished the installation of your grill guard on my B2601. Matches the factory lines perfectly! Keep up the awesome work!"

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